In addition to offering emergency services, we also offer maintenance plans that can lengthen the life of your air conditioning unit or furnace. Our trained technicians will perform routine maintenance, according to the level that you request, and will attempt to alert you to any potential problems with your system. Not every problem can be predicted, but prevention is the best medicine!

We can also customize a plan according to your needs. Please call our office for pricing.


Gold Package

Silver Package

Bronze Package

Equipment Evaluation and Recommendations
Replace ALL Filters  (Each Maintenance)
Assure Proper Operation of A/C (Spring or Summer)
Assure Proper Operation of Heat  (Fall or Winter)
Clear Condensate Drains (A/C Maintenance)
Visual Inspection Heat Exchanger
Verify Proper operation of Draft motor
Measure Temperature Difference (supply & return)
Inspect Contactors for Burned or Pitted Contacts
Inspect Electrical System for Exposed Wires
Assure Proper Belt Tension and Alignment
Check Blower Fan Motors for Proper AMP Draw
Check for Proper Suction and Discharge Pressures
Check Running AMP Draw on Compressor
Lubricate Motors and Bearings (once per year)
Standard Belt Replacement (once per year as needed)
Check Relays for Proper Operation
Brush Clean Condenser Coil
Brush Clean Evaporator Coil  (if accessible)
Tighten Electrical Connections in Control Panel

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